Back to school and your childs immunity

by | August 2020 | Blog

Normally at this time of year we would be in full swing with our back to school range, from reusable sandwich bags to water bottles and of course the all important supplements. This year due to Covid19 everything is still a little uncertain. Our children have had a very strange few months and even if school does resume in a few weeks its sure to be very different from the normal. There are a few ways to strengthen your immune system naturally and then there are a few supplements which may give a helping hand.
The most important key to any childs well being is a balanced diet. However, this is easier said than done as well we know. Most children aren’t big veggie eaters and it can be hard if you have a fussy child to try and get the best food you can. A few tips we love for fussy eaters:

  • Disguise it! Some kids can spot a hidden veggie a mile off, but the majority of kids won’t notice the grated carrot or finely diced broccoli in their spaghetti bolognaise or snuck into their mashed potato. Smoothies are also a great and delicious way to get fruits and veggies into kids. Use nice sweet fruit like strawberries and bananas but also throw a small handful of spinach in there to get some greens into them. Soup is another great way to get veg into kids. Blend it if you have to but it will still have the same nutritional benefit.
  • Grow your own! Let your child help you out in the garden and see where their food is coming from. You don’t have to be really green fingered, something easy like tomato plants or strawberries can teach kids where their food comes from and increase their interest
  • Keep offering fruits and veggies. No matter how frustrating it can get at times, stay positive. Most kids will grow out of a fussy phase and in the meantime all you can do is your best.
In an instance where you have a really fussy child and you are worried about their nutritional, sometimes a good multi vitamin may help bridge the gap! Supplements are only ever meant to supplement not replace, so do try food first. However, we recommend for a great boost for kids Natures Plus Liquid Gold Animal Parade.
The kids version of the massively popular Liquid Gold, Animal Parade is packed full of the vitamins and minerals your child needs for optimum health.
For concentration levels and to aid brain power we recommend Eskimo 3 for kids! This comes in a liquid form or chewable sweets also. Eskimo-3 Kids is a pure and stable fish oil that provides the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which are important for normal brain function, vision and heart health.⁣

It also contains vitamin D which supports healthy teeth, bones and muscles, all important for growing children. Vitamin D is also known to support a healthy immune system.⁣

We also sell Vitamin D on its own if your child is already taking an omega oil or if they get plenty of essential fatty acids from their diet. Better You Junior D is a convenient vitamin D spray form which tastes good and is really easy for children to take. Vitamin D is so important for supporting a healthy immune system and particularly coming into winter time and the shorter days.
Sambucol for Kids is another great supplement that can help support the immune system. It comes in a handy liquid form. Sambucol is a black elderberry supplement enriched with vitamin C. It has great Anti-virin action, which may help protect the body from viruses. No artificial colours or flavours.

Another very simple tip that is often overlooked for both immune health and mental health is exercise! Especially getting out into the fresh air. Its not always easy especially with our weather but even half an hour can make such a difference. Our children will naturally be more anxious in times like these and fresh air and spending time with them increases their mood and makes them feel secure and safe.

As always we do recommend checking with a doctor before starting your child on any new supplement. If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask us instore and keep an eye out for some special Back To School Offers coming soon….