Lets talk collagen! There are so many supplements out there sometimes its hard to know what to take. Collagen popularity has been on the rise in recent years, especially on social media channels such as TikTok but what is collagen and what is it good for? 

Put simply collagen is a protein that can be made in the body and is responsible for skin elasticity and for strength of joints. It is made by combining amino acids in the body. There are certain types of foods we can eat which increase production in the body such as a diet full of protein rich foods; lean meat etc and also foods plentiful in vitamin C and zinc. 

As we get older our bodies are unable to make collagen at the same rate as they used to and therefore it may be necessary to supplement with collagen. Collagen has many benefits including strengthening and protecting joints, improving skin health, support gut health and help with nail and hair strength. There are also tentative studies being done at the moment in researching the link between collagen supplementation and brain health; in particular the decrease of brain fog and memory related issues such as Alzheimers. So far the two types that seem to be most beneficial for brain health are Collagen Types IV and VI. While the VI isn’t as readily available in supplement form on the Irish market a of yet, we do carry a couple of supplements that contain Type IV. 

So what type of collagen should I use? There are an array of collagen supplements available at the moment and it comes in many forms, from pills to powders to liquid shots; from bovine collagen to marine collagen to chicken collagen. It also depends on the main reason why you are taking it. For example, for skin health and elasticity we would recommend the New Nordic Collagen Shot, which is a liquid marine collagen. It can help improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

For more of an all rounder and help with joints we would recommend the Natures Plus Collagen Peptides. It comes in both a powder form and a capsule form. It contains 6 different major collagen types and therefore is beneficial for a variety of reasons, including gut health, skin health and joint health. 

If you’ve been taking collagen and are a fan let us know why! If you are thinking of trying it out please don’t hesitate to ask us instore for some help.