Donegal Craft Bakery – A day in the life of Franck

by | August 2020 | Blog

Here in Simple Simons we are lucky enough to have an authentic French baker who makes all of our French bread and pastries. 

Franck Pasquier who originally hails from Nantes, Brittany moved here almost 20 years ago and started his first business in 2007. Franck has an unrivalled passion for bread making and we love him for it. Most of his breads contain 4 simple ingredients: Flour, water, salt and yeast. All of his breads are sourdough but the traditional rye is our personal favourite.

On a typical day Franck is usually in his bakery by 2 am. Can you IMAGINE having a morning alarm that early?? During the busy summer months, especially if he is baking for markets Franck can make up to 400 loaves in one day. Donegal Craft Bakery is situated out by the Craft Village but is not open to the public. Franck supplies to us and a few other businesses in the Donegal, Leitrim and Sligo areas. He also sells at markets in Letterkenny, Sligo and Carrick On Shannon. 

There are a wide variety of breads available from Donegal Craft bakery and we stock most of them daily. A lot of Francks breads are vegan also which is fantastic. The vegan breads included 5 grain, white, baguettes, traditional sourdough and slab. Some of the other breads available are a bacon loaf, blue cheese bread, brioche and fougasse. A fougasse is the French version of an Italian focaccia bread, a flat bread packed with mediterranean veggies and cheese. The brioche is Francks only sweet bread, perfect for eating on its own, with a swirl of butter or made into French toast the next day. We love using older bread to make stuffing at home or bread and butter pudding. 

In addition to the breads Franck also makes delicious pastries. Once you’ve had an authentic French croissant there is no going back! Some other delicious treat include pain au raisin, chocolate and salted caramel brownies, almond croissants and tresse, which is a chocolate treat made using croissant pastry, French custard, chocolate chips and milk chocolate. Just wow, thats all we can say! Franck has a dedicated team helping him out behind the scenes, including Pierre, his second in command and Alison his wife who runs the social media among other responsibilities. Franck is passionate about his work and makes no apologies for it. We have discovered that once you try his bread no other bread ever seems to measure up. 

Do you have a special occasion coming up and would like to order some bread or treats for it? Shoot us an email or give us a buzz on 0749723690