Facing your fertility

by | January 2020 | Blog

Often, fertility and issues surrounding fertility problems is considered a taboo subject. However, its a lot more common than you may think with an estimated 1 in 6 couples having fertility issues. Infertility can be medically defined as trying for a baby for 12 months without conception occuring. However, there can be several reasons for this and some are easily remedied so theres no need to worry too much to begin with. Indeed, overthinking or worrying about conception can cause the body to hold on to stress, therefore making conception even more difficult so while it may seem hard, try not to worry too much if you don’t conceive straight away. There are some ways to boost fertility naturally, so we’ve compiled our top tips and included a few supplements that may help. If you are under 35, otherwise healthy with regular periods definitely give it the 12 months of trying. Regular periods are defined as occuring anywhere between 25-35ish monthly cycle. 85% of couples will conceive naturally within a year of trying so don’t lose heart yet.

Fab Fertility Foods: A great way to boost fertility naturally is to take a look at your diet. You are aiming to nourish your body with healthy foods in order to give it the best chance possible for conception.

  • Sunflower seeds: packed with vitamin E and selenium they may help improve sperm motility
  • Beans and lentils: a great source of plant based protein; which is naturally high in folate. A really healthy nutrient which is essential for healthy conception.
  • Oranges and kiwis: Really high in vitamin C which may boost sperm quality and a high water content to hydrate the body.
  • Salmon: make sure to buy a high quality salmon but its packed full of omega 3’s and essential fatty acids which are great for healthy fetal growth.

Its also important to have an overall healthy diet when trying to conceive. Plenty of lean protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates for energy is essential. Avoid fried or fatty foods and too many sweet treats. A healthy body weight makes for a much better chance of conceiving so by sticking to a balanced you are more likely to achieve this. Alcohol should be enjoyed only in moderation and smoking can hugely decrease fertility so if you do smoke, try to quit to better your chances.

Exercise: Getting out and getting active is really great for the body and overall health but make sure not to overdo it. If you are over-exercising this can place added stress on the body and interfere with ovulation. Yoga can be great for gentle exercise and also to reduce stress levels which is a bonus. In the long term exercise can also strengthen the body for labour.

Fertility supplements: There are a few supplements which may boost fertility or help with foetal development. Always consult with a doctor if you are on any medication.

Folic Acid: Its really important to get enough folic acid if you are planning to get pregnant and for during pregnancy to decrease the risk of birth defects. It is generally recommended to begin taking folic acid when you decide to start planning for a family or as soon as possible if you find out you are already pregnant.

Zinc: may help with regualr ovulation and fertility in women and may also support semen and testosterone production in men.

Selenium: a powerful antioxident which may help protect sperm from cellular damage. It can also help sperm mobility and also help them to grow normally which is essential for conception.

A prenatal vitamin: If you are very serious about conception and want something to boost your fertility overall it can be a good idea to invest in a prenatal multi vitamin. Wild Nutrition have a great fertility support supplement, one for male and one for female that contains the correct formula for each person to give them the boost they need.

Stress can play a huge part in fertility issues so remember to try relax. It can be easy to panic when conception doesn’t happen straight away but try not to worry. Get plenty of sleep, reduce stress where possible, eat a healthy balanced diet and give yourself the best possible chance for a healthy and natural conception. It sounds really simple but it can be hard to remember at times.  Any other questions don’t hesitate to ask instore and we will try to help.