International Womens Day 2019

by | February 2020 | Blog

We have been saying for SUCH a long time that we would love to get a blog up and running for our little shop and today we are finally getting around to it. And what day could be better to start than International Womens Day?

We have been celebrating all week long with a few different events going on instore. We tried to get as many of our female reps in for talks to highlight our great women sales reps and also we had a Fairtrade event where a coffee producer from Columbia came in to us for a talk about her life as a Fairtrade farmer.

Today we were celebrating ALL things female. We had Donegal Town Womens Group in for their coffee morning today and we all had such a brilliant time! The ladies were a great laugh and everyone coming into the shop exclaimed what a great buzz was around the place, we just love that feeling at work…

Sometimes we think the women in our lives don’t get enough credit. We are expected to do it all and have it all, with a smile on our face at all times… We are taking the time today to honour some of our local women, who are all champions!

Geraldine Mc Brearty is a busy mum and also a keen writer of poetry and prose. She is a member of the local writing group Pen2Paper The group recently had a very successful book Launch with their publication ” A New Day Dawns” which raised €7500 for local branches of the RNLI, Alzheimers and Guide dogs for the blind. Geraldine has recently been made an ambassador for Donegal County Council in conjunction with the launch of their clean up campaign. Geraldine organises various clean ups in her local area and is a credit to the community. Check out the group “Big Community Clean Up” on Facebook and join up to make a difference in your area. #bigdonegalcleanup19 

While we are applauding some of our women as well we must give a hand to the Donegal Womens Group. They organise lots of weekly activities to give women a chance to join in and be social together. Sometimes its hard to find women who will stand up for and support each other but thankfully this gang all look out for each other. Its a great group for women who may be feeling isolated or lonely. Heres a few snaps of them having the laugh down with us this morning! 

A huge thanks to everyone who came to visit us today, it was amazing to see so many strong women supporting each other. Thank you so much to Siobhan and Finbar for the photos as well… Happy Womens Day, today and every day!