Were you watching Nationwide at the weekend? We were delighted to see one of our top selling products feature on the program. Spoonful Botanical is a fantastic Irish product made by Conor and Jayne. They were inspired to create Spoonful Botanical on a trip to Asia. Conor’s granny suffered badly with arthritis and couldn’t stomach taking anti inflammatories on a daily basis along with steroid injections. Conor and Jayne visited some medicinal spice markets in India and were amazed by what they saw. They were determined to try and recreate something completely natural that could be an alternative to anti-inflammatories. Once they got home and tried out some different recipes they started testing it and the results were amazing. 

Spoonful Botanical is a natural food supplement of fermented herbs, fruit and spices. Its a fantastic high quality blend of the purest ingredients and is completely natural and homemade by Conor and Jayne themselves.  The recommended way to take it is to enjoy one teaspoon straight from the jar but you can also pop in your porridge, spread on toast or stir into a hot herbal tea. 



Have you tried Spoonful Botanical yet? We have been stocking it for the past year and it has always been a strong steady seller but since the Nationwide program we have seen a massive uptake and the feedback has been astounding. Our Spoonful Botanical is available instore for €33.95 or you can also purchase it on our website here: https://simplesimons.ie/product/spoonful-botanical/ As always we are here to try answer any queries you may have, just shoot us a message and we will try our best to help you.